Saturday, September 24, 2016

Completion screening event of new movie "SCOOP!"

The completion screening event of new movie "SCOOP!" was held on 18 September which was attended by the director Ohne Hitoshi and cast members Fukuyama Masaharu, Nikaidou Fumi, Yoshida Yo, Takito Kenichi and Lily Frankie. The movie which is based on the 1985 movie "Tousatsu 1/250 byo" directed by Harada Masato and due to be shown in cinemas from 1 October, features Fukuyama as a cameraman Toujou Shizuka who had his heyday but works for a tabloid now and gets teamed up with a newbie reporter played by Nikaidou. Together, the two of them uncover various sensational stories while ironing out their differences and come across a case which may have far-reaching consequences.

About 800 fans came to attend the event where the director commented that the movie contains various elements such as action, showbiz scandals and sexiness and said that it is an interesting movie which is representative of Japan. As Fukuyama plays a paparazzi reporter in the movie, many of his lines were full of dirty jokes and he tried to add in things on his own which were not mentioned in the script. For example, there was a scene where he rubbed against Yoshida's body so he thanked her for being quick enough to respond to these last-minute changes to the scenes. In response, Yoshida praised Fukuyama for being a natural at saying those dirty jokes and even exclaimed that she was excited to meet him again since it had been a while since the filming ended.

The dirty jokes phenomenon seemed to have spread among the cast members where Yoshida revealed that Lily Frankie actually brought adult toys which were in the shape of eggs to the set and gave them away as "presents" which the crew mistook as an edible snack. Nikaidou also chipped in that whenever there were scenes of women with nice figures, Lily Frankie would always be around for some reason.

Ohne revealed that this is his most interesting movie to date and viewers can only see such a Fukuyama in this movie. To prepare for the filming, Fukuyama started to wear leather jackets one month before the filming started and he was never recognised by the public when he went out in the same image as Shizuka in the movie. There was once when Lily Frankie went out for a meal with Fukuyama on a day when they were filming and the latter suddenly suggested going to the Skytree which made Lily panic as this would probably cause a public disturbance. Surprisingly, nobody recognised Fukuyama and he even went to a nearby sports goods shop where the owner suggested to Fukuyama that he should go to become an actor since he looked very masculine. Somehow, this made Fukuyama a bit sad because he thought that since he had done a Taiga before, most people should have known who he was.

As Fukuyama who is regarded as the No.1 man who can't be caught by the paparazzi becomes the one chasing after celebrities in the movie, the staff went to tabloids such as FRIDAY and FLASH to learn from their editorial teams on how to tail people and take pictures. They were even shown materials obtained while following a big-name actress. In the end, Fukuyama developed a keen interest in knowing how the paparazzi works which could possibly come in handy in preventing them from catching him in future.

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