Saturday, September 24, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Ikari"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Ikari" was held at TOHO Cinemas Nichigeki 2 in Yurakucho, Tokyo, which was attended by the director Lee Sang-il and cast members Watanabe Ken, Moriyama Mirai, Matsuyama Kenichi, Ayano Go, Hirose Suzu, Miyazaki Aoi and Tsumabuki Satoshi. During the event, there was a Q & A session for the audience who asked the director and cast questions. One female fan asked Watanabe about the charm of the director which led him to jokingly ask if she was a movie critic. He then answered that different directors have different ways of doing things but in Lee's case, he's not only concerned about how you act but also the result arising from your chosen way of performing. As such, Lee is very thorough about capturing such moments on screen. Lee echoed Watanabe's view and said that he prefers to ask how actors feel rather than dictate how they should do things so if the actors can't adapt to this style, they may find it hard to work with him.

Another fan asked Tsumabuki about what is the most important thing to him after quoting a line in the film that there are too many things which are important. Although he did not mention his wife Maiko's name, Tsumabuki answered that the bonds with the people in his life including family, friends and colleagues give birth to good things in life which make it possible to keep living. As such, he thinks that it is especially important to have frank interactions and share feelings with one another. Ayano then poked fun at Tsumabuki that besides people, love is also equally important which led the audience to laugh.

Miyazaki commented that she was sad about not being able to see Watanabe again anytime after they had built up a close bond while acting in the Chiba part of the film. She also expressed her gratitude about being able to play his daughter and taking the lead which made her feel at ease. In response, Watanabe also praised Miyazaki and promised to keep in touch with her.

In commemoration of the film's release, there was a kagamibiraki ceremony where the cast toasted the audience. At the last minute, Watanabe asked Tsumabuki to take the lead in toasting which made the latter remark that he had been asked to do this many times to date. In the end, he still led the toast which marked the completion of the event.

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