Friday, September 16, 2016

Shimizu Fumika and Iitoyo Marie to star in new movie "Ankoku Joshi"

Shimizu Fumika and Iitoyo Marie will be co-starring in the new movie "Ankoku Joshi" directed by Yakumo Saiji where she will play an evil girl for the first time. The movie which is due to be shown next spring, is the real-life adaptation of the 2013 same-titled mystery novel by Akiyoshi Rikako. The film talks about how Shiraishi Itsumi (Iitoyo) the Madonna of an all-girls' senior high school who fell to her death under mysterious circumstances with a lily bell flower in her hand which leads to suspicion falling on the five members of the literature club which Shiraishi set up for having caused her death. After taking over the reins, Sumikawa Sayuri (Shimizu) who is Shiraishi's best friend, organises a regular reading session where she engages the rest of the members to talk about Shiraishi's death where the five of them take turns to expose who is the true culprit by mixing lies and truth during the discussions. Co-stars include Seino Nana, Tamashiro Tina, Kojima Riria and Taira Yuna.

Shimizu commented that she is looking forward to the sordid cheating among the characters and feels that this will be a movie which shows the dark side of girls fully. As for Iitoyo, she described her character as someone who enters her own world easily and that she feels worried about playing such a character for the time. However, she hopes to be able to put in her best effort with the help of the director, crew and cast members.

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