Thursday, December 28, 2017

Takeuchi Yuko & Kanjiya Shihori to play the Japanese version of Holmes & Watson in new HBO Asia & Hulu drama "Miss Sherlock"

Takeuchi Yuko and Kanjiya Shihori will be playing the Japanese version of Holmes and Watson in the new HBO Asia & Hulu drama series "Miss Sherlock" as announced during a press conference held in Singapore on 30 November. The two actresses attended the event with Hulu's executive producer Nagasawa Kazufumi and HBO Asia's CEO Jonathan Spink. To date, there have been many dramas and movies about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson but this will be the first time where the two characters are set as women.  The drama which consists of 8 episodes, will be streamed via Hulu from April 2018 and shown from the same day in 19 countries via HBO Asia.

The story will be set in modern day Tokyo from its original setting in London where Sara Shelly Futaba i.e. Miss Sherlock (Takeuchi), a Japanese investigation consultant who was born in the UK, works together with a top-notch surgeon Tachibana Wato (Kanjiya) who has a strong sense of justice to solve a serial murder case. Takeuchi commented in English during the press conference that it had been a very exciting experience to play the female version of Holmes and was very honoured to be able to participate in this project. In order to play this character, Takeuchi cut her hair by 30cm for the first time in 4 years. Kanjiya also expressed her joy at playing the female version of Watson and that she had tried her best to portray Wato. The two actresses had worked in the 2009 movie "General Rouge no Kaisen" so they exhibited great chemistry even when acting in this drama.

Nagasawa said that to bring such a classic story known by everyone to modern day Tokyo will hopefully give rise to the birth of a new set of charismatic characters while Spink expressed his anticipation at this drama being seen by viewers in many countries especially since this is the first Japanese drama on HBO Asia.

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