Monday, December 25, 2017

Supporting cast line-up of TBS Winter 2018 drama "Kimi ga kokoro ni sumitsuita" announced

The supporting cast line-up of TBS Winter 2018 drama "Kimi ga kokoro ni sumitsuita" starring Yoshioka Riho, Kiritani Kenta and Mukai Osamu had been announced. The drama which is based on the same-titled manga by Tendou Kirin, will feature Yoshioka in a "horror" love triangle where she plays the lead character Ogawa Kyoko who is nicknamed Kyodoko and thinks very lowly of herself. She works in a lingerie manufacturer and is in charge of selecting and procuring materials to be used for the company's products. Although she is usually meek and timid, she becomes a changed person when it comes to her work. When she meets a manga editor Yoshizaki Kojiro (Kiritani), she is attracted to his honest and good personality immediately. However, Kyoko has a secret to hide as she used to be manipulated by her senior in university Hoshina Ren (Mukai) who was the first man to accept her despite her shortcomings. Although Hoshina has good looks and behaves like a nice guy, he had made Kyoko become so dependent on him and unable to leave him while always ordering her in a cruel manner to do his bidding. Kyoko is bent on putting her past behind her and start a relationship with Yoshizaki but the reunion with Hoshina at her company marks the start of her troubles. Hoshina is fixated on getting the old Kyoko back so that she will do his bidding and depend on him again and does everything possible to control her.

Muro Tsuyoshi will be playing a manga artist Suzuki Jiro who comes to know Kyoko through work when he goes to her company to do research for his manga while Ishibashi Anna plays Iida Ayaka who came into the company in the same year as Kyoko and works in the same department with her but is more highly regarded by everyone. Suzuki Sarina will play Yagi Izumi, a top designer who is unafraid to say what she thinks in her native Kansai dialect. Last but not least, Seto Asaka will play Hotta Maiko, a designer who is Kyoko's senior at work, thinks highly of her and a rival of Yagi who also entered the company in the same year.

Sources: Yomiuri Hochi / / Oricon

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