Sunday, December 17, 2017

Completion screening event of new movie "Vigilante"

The completion screening event of new movie "Vigilante" was held at Theatre Shinjuku on 17 November which was attended by the director Irie Yu and cast members Oomori Nao, Suzuki Kosuke and Kiritani Kenta. The movie will be released in cinemas from 9 December.

The movie is set in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture which is Irie's hometown and features an original script written by him. Oomori, Suzuki and Kiritani will play brothers where the eldest Ichiro (Oomori) disappeared for 30 years since senior high while Jiro (Suzuki) is a city councillor who owns a printing company and is the chief of the local vigilance committee and Saburo (Kiritani) manages a prostitution business. Due to the death of their father (Sugata Shun) who they detested, the trio reunite thus setting off a chain of events which will turn their lives upside down. Shinoda Mariko plays Jiro's wife Shindo Miki who appears to be a virtuous wife on the surface but has a sly character and uses her good looks to twist men around her little finger. She treats Jiro like her child and manipulates him to get power and the inheritance left behind by her father-in-law.

Kiritani revealed that although he found Irie's script very cool, he was unsure how he should play Saburo and only began to get a feel of what he should do when the filming started in Fukaya. Suzuki then joked that Kiritani always brought the strong winds from the sea with his presence because the weather would be fine once the filming ended.

Irie commented that the filming process was a challenge to the limits as he practically drove everyone to the edge so he was afraid to meet the three actors today in case they bore a grudge against him. He also revealed that the three brothers represented a part of him which made Kiritani tease him and asked what kind of life Irie had since the brothers' lives were so turbulent. Suzuki then reflected on a particular scene where the three of them had to fight in a river during freezing conditions and revealed. As he was frozen stiff and couldn't move, Oomori helped him to get out of the river which he was grateful for but the latter simply brushed it off as saying that he just wanted to go home quickly.

When asked if there is anything they would like to protect, Oomori cited a movie like this as something which is essential for the film industry and hopes to contribute in whatever way possible as an actor. Kiritani then said that he hopes to keep his sentimental side and live to the fullest because he didn't want to be an adult who no longer gets touched by the sunset unlike when he was a child. As for Suzuki, he said that stability and security in his retirement was a practical issue for him since he needs to maintain a certain standard of living and support his family. Nonetheless, since he is in the business of selling ideals and dreams to others, he turned his statement around to say that he isn't thinking about retirement issues which led everyone to laugh.

Irie then said that he read from the news that Suzuki was going to hold his wedding ceremony in December with Otsuka Chihiro who he married in 2015 but was shocked to hear from Suzuki that they actually held the wedding just one day before the news came out in the media. Suzuki commented that he didn't understand why that kind of fake news came out and thanked everyone for their blessings as they gave him a round of applause.

At the end of the event, Irie presented the three actors with the signature produce of Fukaya i.e. leeks which made everyone laugh. Kiritani asked why they weren't given flower bouquets instead and said that if Internet users happened to come across the news article for this event, they might be misled into thinking that this is a movie about leeks. Nonetheless, Kiritani stated that the movie is a flavourful story just like the leeks and called upon everyone to support it.

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