Sunday, December 17, 2017

Yokohama Ryuusei to appear in new Amazon drama "Shiro to Kiiro Hawaii to Watashi no Pankeeki Monogatari"

Yokohama Ryuusei will be appearing in the new Amazon drama "Shiro to Kiiro Hawaii to Watashi no Pankeeki Monogatari" starring Kawaguchi Haruna which will be released via Amazon Prime Video in early spring 2018. The drama consists of 25 episodes lasting 15 minutes each and the script is written by Okada Yoshikazu. Compared to an usual drama, Amazon has decided to make each episode of this drama shorter so that viewers can watch an episode during a short break e.g. during their commute on trains, lunch breaks or while waiting for someone.

The heartwarming drama describes the true story of how a female university student Sawano Natsumi (Kawaguchi) from Shonan comes across a pancake restaurant named Eggs n' Things in Hawaii and decides to bring this delicacy to Japan which subsequently leads to the pancake boom in Japan. Despite the difficulties and setbacks she encounters, Natsumi manages to realise her dream with the support of her family and friends. Kawaguchi commented that she is eagerly looking forward to the filming while being surrounded by the beautiful scenery in Hawaii and hopes to convey Natsumi's energy and dynamism through this drama.

Yokohama will play Mitsuyama Ryosuke, a surfer who has feelings for Natsumi but finds it hard to be frank towards her. He sees her dream as his own and supports her through the journey of achieving her goal. As this is the first time he has attempted surfing or played a surfer, Yokohama said that he had a hard time shooting with his surfboard but it had been a great experience to be filming at Chigasaki with other surfers. This helped him to assimilate into the role and play Ryosuke in the most natural way as possible.

Sources: / Oricon

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