Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ryuusei Ryo to appear in TBS Winter 2018 drama "Unnatural" as a funeral parlour employee

Ryuusei Ryo will be appearing in the upcoming TBS Winter 2018 drama "Unnatural" starring Ishihara Satomi which begins its run from 12 Jan in the Fridays 10pm timeslot. The drama will be set at the newly-established UDI Laboratory which is tasked to investigate unnatural death cases. Ishihara plays a 33-year-old forensic pathologist Misumi Mikoto who specialises in investigating the death causes of corpses brought to UDI and is a very rational person who thinks that death means the end of everything and there is no such thing as a beautiful death in the world. Co-stars will include Iura Arata who plays a fellow forensic pathologist Nakadou Kei and has a bad attitude, Kubota Masataka who plays a part-time record assistant Hisabe Rokurou and is very skillful when it comes to the Internet and gadgets, Ichikawa Mikako who plays Shouji Yuko, a lab technician and good friends with Mikoto and Matsushige Yutaka who plays the director of the laboratory Kamikura Yasuo and struggles to control his team members.

Ryuusei plays the role of Kibayashi Nagumo, an employee of Forest Funeral Parlour who visits UDI often for work to deliver corpses for investigation. He also has an ambiguous and mysterious relationship with Nakadou which offers a lot of room for imagination. Ryuusei commented that there is still a lot which he doesn't know about Kibayashi based on the scripts he has received so far so he will have to build up his character bit by bit on a trial and error basis. Nonetheless, he is eager to find out how Kibayashi will interact with the UDI members and how his presence will affect the story so he called upon viewers to check this out when the drama airs.

Sources: Nikkansports / Oricon

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