Saturday, December 30, 2017

Alternate story of NTV Winter 2018 drama "Todome no Kiss" to be streamed via Hulu after each episode's broadcast

The alternate story of NTV Winter 2018 drama "Todome no Kiss" starring Yamazaki Kento will be streamed via Hulu after each episode's broadcast. The main drama will begin its run from 7 January in the Sundays 10.30pm timeslot. This original story features Yamazaki as Doujima Outarou, the No.1 host in a host club who doesn't believe in love after an incident which happened to him 12 years ago. Since then, he only has eyes for money and power while manipulating women with his good looks and gentle pretense. When he tries to approach a rich man's daughter Namiki Mikoto (Araki Yuuko) with ulterior motives, he is stopped by a mysterious woman (Kadowaki Mugi) looking pale but with bright red lips who offers a kiss to Outarou. Unexpectedly, this causes Outarou to have breathing difficulties and he dies after experiencing convulsions. When Outarou comes to later, he realises that he has been sent back to 7 days earlier and goes through the same period repeatedly due to the mysterious woman who keeps appearing in front of him. The supporting characters include Namiki Takauji (Arata Mackenyu) who is the elder brother of Mikoto and from a top-notch hotel group and Hasebe Hiroyuki (Sano Hayato) who is the heir of a big name cruise company and in love with Mikoto.

The alternate story titled "Todome no Parallel" will be shown after each episode's broadcast and describes what happens in the frightening real world where Outarou's body is left behind after his death. Each episode in the alternate story will offer some new mysteries leading to the main drama's next episode. The main drama will begin with the scene when Outarou gets killed but the alternate story will feature the same scene from a different angle.

Source: Oricon

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