Saturday, December 16, 2017

Supporting cast line-up of new TV Tokyo Winter 2018 drama "Denei Shoujo - VIDEO GIRL AI 2018 -" announced

The supporting cast line-up of new TV Tokyo Winter 2018 drama "Denei Shoujo - VIDEO GIRL AI 2018 -" starring Nomura Shuhei and Nogizaka46's Nishino Nanase had been announced. The drama is based on the manga "Denei Shoujo" by Katsura Masakazu serialised between 1989 and 1992 in "Shuukan Shounen Jump" which has sold more than 14 million copies to date but will have an amended setting different from the manga. It will begin its run from 13 January in the Saturdays 12.20am timeslot.

The science fiction-romance story features an innocent young man and a mysterious girl i.e. Video Girl named AI who appears from a special video tape found at a video rental shop named GOKURAKU. The drama however is set 25 years later where Nomura plays Moteuchi Sho, the nephew of the original manga's lead Moteuchi Youta who was a senior high school student when he met AI. Sho is living with Youta after his parents got divorced and is secretly in love with his classmate Shibahara Nanami who is in love with Sho's buddy Tomoaki. With his family and school life seeing little hope for improvement, Sho accidentally finds an old and spoilt video cassette recorder in Youta's closet and repairs it on a whim. This results in AI (Nishino) appearing on screen and coming into the real world as the two of them spend three months together.

Iitoyo Marie will play Shibahara Nanami who is the Madonna in the school while Shimizu Hiroya will play Sho's childhood friend and buddy Furuya Tomoaki who is also Nanami's target of affection. The two of them are the leaders in the group of friends who come together to create an animation for a contest. Ootomo Karen will play Oomiya Rika who is Sho's junior back from junior high and has been in love with him. As for the 42-year-old version of Youta who is a picture book illustrator travelling all over Japan for work, he will be played by Totsugi Shigeyuki. Murakami Jun will be playing Shimizu Koji who used to be the producer of a hit movie but hasn't been working for some time.

Sources: Oricon / Natalie

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