Friday, December 22, 2017

Takizawa Hideaki to star in new Tokai TV / FujiTV Winter 2018 drama "Kazoku no Tabiji Kazoku wo korosareta otoko to koroshita otoko"

Takizawa Hideaki will be starring in the new Tokai TV / FujiTV Winter 2018 drama "Kazoku no Tabiji Kazoku wo korosareta otoko to koroshita otoko" (A Family Journey The man whose family was killed and the man who killed his family) which will begin its run from 3 February 2018 in the Saturdays 11.40pm timeslot. The story is based on the 2003 novel "Chichi to ko no tabiji" by Kosugi Kenji and features Takizawa in his first lawyer role. He will also sing the theme song for this drama.

Takizawa plays the lead character Asari Yuusuke who is the sole survivor of a family of 3 who were killed 30 years ago and has grown up to become a lawyer working in a small law firm. A young woman Kawamura Reina comes to see him and asks him to become the defense lawyer for a prisoner on death row who has filed a retrial plea. However, Yuusuke realises that this prisoner is actually Yanase Kouzou who was the murderer of his parents and grandfather. Although Yuusuke rejects the request initially, he decides to face the harsh truth head on as he grapples with the pain of being reminded of the past.

Takizawa commented that playing a lawyer for the first time was a refreshing experience and very challenging. He described his character who has to overcome a destined hurdle in life due to his experience as a victim of a crime. As such, he hoped to be able to grow together with the character as the story progresses.

As for the theme song, Takizawa said that it is an important form of support for the drama and should fit the image of the story. He hoped that viewers will still remember scenes from the drama whenever they hear the song even after it ends so he wished to make something which will be able to achieve this effect.

Filming will begin in January next year.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Sponichi / Oricon

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