Thursday, December 14, 2017

Supporting cast line-up of new movie "Yuuzai" announced

The supporting cast line-up of new movie "Yuuzai" starring Ikuta Toma and Eita had been announced. The movie is based on the same-titled novel by Yakumaru Gaku which features Ikuta as Masuda who used to dream of being a journalist but had his hopes dashed and Eita as Suzuki who works at a small factory but doesn't talk about his past. The two of them who are of the same age, become friends when they happen to work at the same factory but when Masuda accidentally finds out that Suzuki may be the culprit behind a series of murders involving children 17 years ago when he was still a teenager, their friendship changes due to the complex mix of emotions such as doubt and regret.

Sato Koichi will be playing a taxi driver Yamauchi Shuji whose son committed a crime in the past and led to the subsequent breakup of his family and him having to bear the stigma of having a criminal as a family member. Kaho will play Fujisawa Miyoko who was forced to act in an AV film in the past and later meets Suzuki who saves her during an incident which leads to her gradually falling in love with him. Yamamoto Mizuki will play Sugimoto Kiyomi who used to be Masuda's girlfriend while Tomita Yasuko will play Shiraishi Yayoi who was Suzuki's officer-in-charge when the latter was in a boys' home.

Other co-stars include Okuno Eita, Iida Kaoru, Koichi Mantaro, Yajima Kenichi, Aoki Munetaka, Oshinari Shugo, Nishida Naomi, Murakami Jun, Kataoka Reiko, Ishida Houshi, Kitaura Ayu, Sakai Maki, Furutachi Kanji, Uno Shohei, Onishi Shima, Watanabe Makiko and Mitsuishi Ken. The movie will be released in cinemas from May 2018.

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