Monday, September 05, 2016

Matsushita Nao to star in new TBS drama SP "Oufukushokan ~ Juugonen go no Hoshuu"

Matsushita Nao will be starring in the new TBS drama SP "Oufukushokan ~ Juugonen go no Hoshuu" (Correspondence ~ The supplementary tuition after 15 years) which will be shown on 30 September at 8.57pm. The drama SP is adapted from one of the stories "Juugonen go no Hoshuu" in Minato Kanae's short novels compilation "Oufukushokan". Matsushita plays the role of the heroine Okano Mariko who got embroiled into an incident involving her classmate when she was in junior high. As a result, she lost her memory due to the shock. Suddenly, through her mail correspondence with her boyfriend Nagata Junichi (Ichihara Hayato) who was her junior high school classmate and is on assignment as an international volunteer at a frontier town, she starts to remember fragments of her past. At the same time, a new murder case happens which leads Mariko to find out the truth behind the case which happened 15 years ago. Kaga Takeshi plays the role of Kameyama Ryuzo who is in-charge of the cases 15 years ago and now.

Matsushita revealed that she has been a fan of Minato's books and is always excited about the unexpected developments in her stories. In the original novel, the correspondence between Mariko and Junichi offers a blend of suspense and romance elements so she hopes to be able to convey the emotions of her character through this drama SP.

Sources: Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon

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