Monday, September 05, 2016

Endo Kumiko announces her marriage & pregnancy

Endo Kumiko announced her marriage and pregnancy through a fax statement released by her agency on 31 August. Her husband is visual producer and movie director Yokoo Hatsuki. In her statement, Endo said that she registered her marriage to Yokoo in July and their first baby is due to be born next spring. With regard to how they met, the couple worked together on a movie in Shiga several years ago and only reunited last December where they exchanged contact details. Even though they had only dated for a short while, they enjoy each other's company and had plans for the future since they started dating. They also revealed that their parents were very happy to hear about Endo's pregnancy and asked for everyone's warm support going forward.

Endo who goes by the nickname Enkumi, used to be very popular and active in variety shows but focuses more on her acting career these days. As for Yokoo, he has directed films such as "PLAN B" shown in 2016 and "Yurari" due to be shown in 2017.

Sources: Sponichi Annex / Sanspo

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