Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Spin-off drama of FujiTV Summer 2017 drama "Seshiru no Mokuromi" to be shown from 26 July

The spin-off drama of FujiTV Summer 2017 drama "Seshiru no Mokuromi" will be shown via the TV channel and FujiTV-on-demand (FOD) from 26 July. The drama titled "Seshiru Boys" (CECILE BOYS) consists of 5 episodes and is positioned as the male version of the main drama starring Maki Youko.

The leads of the spin-off drama will feature the 5 handsome and young models of VANITY's brother magazine MEN'S VANITY played by Nakata Keisuke, Endo Fumiya, Mizuishi Atomu, Inoue Shota and Miyazawa Hio as their daily lives are presented in a comedic documentary style. The broadcast schedule of the spin-off drama is as follows:

Via FujiTV
Ep 1 - 26 July at 3.05am
Ep 2 - 2 Aug at 3.05am
Ep 3 - 9 Aug at 2.55am
Ep 4 - 16 Aug at 2.55am
Ep 5 - 23 Aug at 3.40am

All episodes to be available for viewing until 20 September
Ep 1 - from 26 July
Ep 2 - from 2 Aug
Ep 3 - from 9 Aug
Ep 4 - from 16 Aug
Ep 5 - from 23 Aug

Source: Oricon

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