Monday, July 31, 2017

New WOWOW drama "Haru ga kita" to be shown from January 2018

The new WOWOW drama "Haru ga kita" starring Korean idol group EXO's member Kai will be shown in January 2018. The drama's which was completed in May this year, is the first WOWOW production featuring a non-Japanese actor as the lead.

The drama is based on the same-titled short story in the last book "Tonari no Onna" written by Mukoda Kuniko who passed away in 1981 and features on human nature, love and the subtleties of the heart. The theme of the drama will focus on the regeneration of the family and deviate from the original story with newly-added developments. Kai will be playing the role of Lee Ji-won, a cameraman from South Korea who meets Kishigawa Naoko, a 31-year-old single lady who works as a saleswoman at the lingerie department of a departmental store. Due to Ji-won's presence, Naoko's family slowly goes through a change which leads to the exposure of secrets which the family members are hiding from one another. This ultimately leads to the breakdown of the family and a sad romance between Naoko and Ji-won. The heroine Naoko will be played by Kurashina Kana while her father Shuji and mother Sue will be played by Sano Shiro and Takahata Atsuko. Naoko's younger sister Junko will be played by Furuhata Seika.

Source: Oricon


junny said...

Why, WOWOW? Why? Seriously, has Japan run out of young male actors who can take on leading roles?

Anonymous said...

I watch kdramas. I love jdoramas. But when a kdrama actor is one of the leads in a jdorama, i can't watch. Even if i like the premise or the actors. Either I miss most of it watching through my fingers or be in pain because of too much cringing.

Anonymous said...

Well since the character is Korean it's better to cast a Korean though. More importantly can this kid act? Never seen him act before and I watch kdramas too

A Song For XX said...

If you guys read the plot, Kai plays a South Korean cameraman who comes to Japan so nothing strange about it.

Anonymous said...

It's WOWOW, so you can trust that the directing is kinda better than average, or even maybe they can make it better than expected.... Although I'd like it more if they cast a young K-actor with a bit of knowledge in Japanese language and more experience than him.