Saturday, August 12, 2017

Takasugi Mahiro & Hayama Shono as double leads in new TV Tokyo Autumn 2017 drama "Setoutsumi"

Takasugi Mahiro and Hayama Shono will be double leads in the new TV Tokyo Autumn 2017 drama "Setoutsumi" which will begin its run from October in the Fridays 12.52am timeslot. The drama which is based on the ongoing same-titled manga by Konomoto Kazuya currently serialised in "Bessatsu Shounen Champion", was made into a movie in 2016 starring Ikematsu Sousuke and Suda Masaki who played Utsumi and Seto respectively.

The drama features Takasugi as Utsumi Sou who is a cool, quiet and bespectacled high school student also attending cram school while Hayama plays Seto Shoukichi who used to belong to the soccer club and is very sociable and the moodmaker in school. The story is relatively simple and describes how these two high school boys chat in the Kansai dialect after school at the riverside since they both are free for a while due to Seto quitting from the soccer club and Utsumi having some time on hand before he has to go to cram school. Their conversations are peppered with a lot of wit and cynicism which are bound to make the viewers laugh.

Takasugi revealed that he had read the manga before getting the offer for this drama and had thought before that the manga was so interesting even though it is mainly made up of dialogue between two people. As a fan, he is very happy to be able to act in this drama and pledged to work hard at mastering the Kansai dialect. Although he is worried about how to make the drama interesting just through dialogue and that Utsumi's character is somewhat difficult to comprehend, he hopes to be able to show the troubles which Utsumi has and the importance of the time he spends with Seto.

On the other hand, Hayama who had watched the movie before, expressed his surprise at how a conversational story like this could be so interesting and which led to him reading the manga at one go. As this is the first time that he will be working with Takasugi, he is eager and excited about their collaboration. Although he also feels the pressure, he will be putting his best effort to play Seto.

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