Thursday, August 03, 2017

Yamamoto Mizuki to star in new Amazon Prime Video drama "Tokyo Alice"

Yamamoto Mizuki will be starring in the new Amazon Prime Video drama "Tokyo Alice" which is based on the same-titled manga by Chiya Toriko. The drama which consists of 12 episodes, will be shown exclusively via Amazon Prime Video. Filming began on 29 May.

The story describes how 4 women who are around the age of 30 live in a sharehouse at Daikanyama, Tokyo, and how they try to pursue their own happiness in love and work. Yamamoto plays the lead character Arisugawa Fuu who spends most of her salary on fashion and has little luck in love. Although she has a cute appearance, she has an otaku personality. Co-stars include Triendl Rena who plays a budding manga artist Hada Mizuho, Takahashi Maryjun who plays a cool psychiatrist Sakuragawa Rio and Asahina Aya who plays a rich man's daughter Enjoji Sayuri and works at an art gallery in Ginza.

Yamamoto said that she feels a sense of familiarity with her character since the two of them are about the same age and have a lot in common. As she had little experience acting with actresses around her age, she is enjoying the experience this time especially since there are many scenes where the four of them gather together.

The main theme song "Koi wa adventure" will be sung by singer-songwriter chay who is also a model of "CanCam" and it was included in her album "chayTEA" which was released on 14 June. Two other songs from the same album i.e. "You" and "Koi no hajimari wa itsumo totsuzen ni" will be used as the ending theme songs.

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