Thursday, August 10, 2017

Iwata Takanori to star in new real-life adaptation movie "Kyounen no Fuyu, Kimi to wakare"

EXILE / Sandaime J Soul Brothers' Iwata Takanori will be starring in the new real-life adaptation movie "Kyounen no Fuyu, Kimi to wakare" (I parted with you last winter) which is based on the same-titled novel published in 2013 by Akutagawa Award-winning writer Nakamura Fuminori. The movie will be released in spring 2018.

Iwata will be playing an up-and-coming report writer Yakumo Kyousuke who is about to get married to his girlfriend Matsuda Yuriko (Yamamoto Mizuki). While aiming to get his book published, he comes across a mysterious case where a blind and beautiful woman was burnt to death. The suspect of this murder turns out to be a talented photographer Kiharazaka Yuudai (Saito Takumi) but as Yakumo investigates further, he is drawn into the deep darkness surrounding Kiharazaka. Other co-stars include Kitamura Kazuki who plays Kobayashi Yoshiki, the editor of a weekly magazine who suggests that Yakumo investigate the case while Kiharazaka's elder sister Akari will be played by Asami Reina.

Iwata who will be starring in his first suspense movie as the lead, said that he was taken aback when he first heard of the offer especially since he had never acted in such a serious and intense story before. As such, he views this a challenge to himself and hopes to be able to grow as an actor and get better in his acting through this movie.

Filming began on 2 July in the Kanto region and is expected to wrap up in mid August.

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