Sunday, September 04, 2016

Nakamura Aoi to star in TV Tokyo Autumn 2016 drama "Sennyuu Sousa Idol Deka Dance"

Nakamura Aoi will be starring in the TV Tokyo Autumn 2016 drama "Sennyuu Sousa Idol Deka Dance" (Undercover investigation idol Police Detective Dance) which will begin its run from 8 October in the Saturdays 12.20am timeslot. This will be Nakamura's first leading role in a TV Tokyo drama since 2014's "Nazo no Tenkousei".

The comedy features an idol group named Deka Dance which consists of undercover police detectives who hide their identities to become idols and solve cases which happen in showbiz. Nakamura plays the role of a newbie police detective named Tatsuya Sumire who is assigned to join the group and tries his best to be an idol star while wearing flashy costumes and being part of a group with a funny name. Nakamura commented that he is looking forward to sparks between him and his co-stars during the filming and will aim to be a national idol during the drama's broadcast period.

Sources: Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon

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