Thursday, September 08, 2016

Amami Yuki & Yukawa Kazuhiko at the 40th Montreal World Film Festival to promote "Koisaika Miyamoto"

Amami Yuki and Yukawa Kazuhiko attended the 40th Montreal World Film Festival held in Canada on 3 September where they attended the official screening of their movie "Koisaika Miyamoto" which is taking part in the First Films World Competition category. This marks Amami's first participation in an international film festival in 15 years. After the screening, she greeted the 600-strong audience in French and commented that she felt happy that the film was well-received despite the differences in language and culture between Japan and Canada.

The movie which is due to be shown in Japan from 28 January next year, features Abe Hiroshi and Amami as a couple in their 50s who are facing a divorce crisis. When asked about her own marriage plans, Amami stated that she's not keen on getting hitched and has no partner anyway. Besides, she is satisfied with being able to experience married life through her career as an actress so there is no need to get married for real. In response, Yukawa joked that he will keep asking Amami to play housewife roles in future which she said that she will accept willingly.

Sources: Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi

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