Thursday, January 19, 2017

The lookalike actors and actresses in Japanese showbiz (Oricon)

Oricon published a special feature about actors and actresses who look alike and how the newer actors and actresses get a boost to their name awareness and popularity as a result of looking like their seniors in the same industry. Below are the examples cited in the article.

Personally, I don't think all the pairs mentioned here look that alike to each other e.g. Nikaidou Fumi actually looks more similar to Miyazaki Aoi but the last two pairs gave me the feeling of "now that you mention it, they do look alike". Hope that you'll enjoy reading this and feel free to share your views on these lookalikes or suggest other pairs who may not be featured here.

Fukushi Souta vs. Nakagawa Taishi

Ootomo Karen vs. Hirose Suzu

Takenouchi Yutaka vs. Ootani Ryohei

Higa Manami vs. Hirose Arisu

Yamamoto Mizuki vs. Hotta Akane

Kawaguchi Haruna vs. Taketomi Seika

Nakatani Miki vs. Shibasaki Kou

Nikaidou Fumi vs. Yamamoto Maika

Mukai Osamu vs. Tanaka Kei

Yoshida Kotaro vs. Lily Frankie

Iura Arata vs. Dean Fujioka

Source: Oricon


Anonymous said...

I also always associate Nikaido Fumi with Miyazaki Aoi. Their eyes, nose and lips are very similar lol
Ahhh...I was laughing hysterically at the last one haha. But I find that Dean could pull off a lot of diverse looks similar to Oguri. His megane look in DameKoi and IQ246 are so different huuu

Bhara Kusumaningrum said...

I think, Kamenashi Kazuya and Takeru Sato is look alike. Many people said that too.

Anonymous said...

I agree Higa Manami and Hirose Arisu quite look alike.

For me I always thought these people are quite look alike:
- Yamamoto Mizuki and Hey!Say!Jump's Yaotome Hikaru
- Matsumoto Jun and Higashide Masahiro
- Oda Yuuji and Imai Tsubasa

And I find it hilarious and amusing that people pointed-out some ikemen do very lookalike with some comedian, they are indeed similar:
- Exile's Takahiro and Black Mayonnaise's Kosugi
- Nakayama Yuma and Sakanakun
- ABC-Z's Kawai Fumito and Football Hour's Goto

scribbliz said...

I totally agree...
I mistook them for the other...