Saturday, September 03, 2016

Murakawa Eri to appear as guest in the 7th episode of TBS Summer 2016 drama "Seiseisuru hodo, Aishiteru"

Murakawa Eri will be appearing in the 7th episode of TBS Summer 2016 drama "Seiseisuru hodo, Aishiteru" shown on 30 August as a guest star. This marks her first collaboration with the leads Takei Emi and Takizawa Hideaki.

The drama which is based on the same-titled manga by Kitagawa Miyuki, features Takei as the heroine Kurihara Mia who works in the PR department of Tiffany Japan and gets involved in a forbidden relationship with her married superior and the vice president of the company Miyoshi Kairi (Takizawa). With the transfer of Kairi, this marks the beginning of the Osaka arc. Murakawa plays the role of Fujieda Shiho, the former girlfriend of Miyazawa (Nakamura Aoi) who is the acting PR director of Jimmy Choo and gets into a love triangle with Mia and Kairi. When Mia and Miyazawa visit a wedding hall, Shiho appears suddenly and gives Mia a dressing down.

As Murakawa is from Osaka, she commented that her character is somewhat like a troublemaker who appears in the second half of the drama. In addition, she felt  it was fun to be able to use Kansai-ben in her slightly overboard lines. Murakawa hopes that viewers will still be able to see the sad side of her character despite her strong appearance.

Source: Sponichi

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