Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hata Motohiro to sing the theme song for new movie "Satoshi no Seishun"

Hata Motohiro will be singing the theme song for new movie "Satoshi no Seishun" starring Matsuyama Kenichi as the young genius shogi player Murayama Satoshi who died at the age of 29 in 1998. The song titled "Owari no nai sora" (The endless sky) is written by Hata who was inspired by how Murayama gave his all in shogi despite his worsening health condition. After watching unedited footage from the movie in May, he wrote the lyrics in the midst of his nationwide concert tour while reading the original novel. Hata recounted that there was a line in Murayama's notebook which said that humans are born to be sad and tortured but that destiny is what makes them happy so he incorporated that into the song as well.

"Satoshi no Seishun" will be shown during the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival taking place from 25 October as the closing film. It will be shown in cinemas nationwide from 19 November.


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