Sunday, February 04, 2018

Tanaka Rena & Wang Po-Chieh to star in new Japanese-Taiwanese movie "Ometanashi"

Tanaka Rena and Taiwanese actor Wang Po-Chieh will be joint leads in the new Japanese-Taiwanese movie "Ometanashi" (Hospitality) which will be released in Japan from 3 March. The movie is an original story based on the plan by the late Sato Shigetaka who was the former chief of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and intended to boost tourism to the Kansai region and revitalise the area. The movie was directed by Jay Chern and shot at various locations in the Kansai region and Hualien in Taiwan.

The story describes how a mother (Yo Kimiko) and daughter (Tanaka) manage a ryokan left behind by her husband which is located beside Lake Biwa, and are faced with a takeover proposition by a father (Yong Lea) and son (Wang) from Taiwan. With their own reasons and pasts preventing them from moving on, the mother and daughter conduct a hospitality workshop in a bid to revitalise their ryokan. Through the interaction with one another despite their different cultural and historical backgrounds, this gradually changes their lives in unexpected ways. Co-stars also include Fujii Mina, Kimura Tae, Aoki Munetaka and Kagawa Kyoko.


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