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Japan premiere event of new movie "Konya, Romance Gekijou de"

The Japan premiere event of new movie "Konya, Romance Gekijou de" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 18 January which was attended by the director Takeuchi Hideki and cast members Ayase Haruka, Sakaguchi Kentaro, Honda Tsubasa, Ishibashi Anna and Nakao Akiyoshi. The movie will be shown in cinemas from 10 February.

The fantasy love story features Sakaguchi as a young man named Kenji who dreams of becoming a movie director and Ayase as Miyuki, a "princess" who appears in monochrome movies and is the woman of Kenji's dreams. Although the two of them have no likelihood of meeting, Miyuki suddenly comes out from her monochrome world into the colourful current era i.e. the 1960s and appears in front of Kenji which subsequently leads to them falling in love with each other.

The director revealed that he had the aim of making Ayase appear extremely gorgeous in this movie so there was a lot of effort put into the make-up, hairstyle and costumes she wore in order to look like a princess. Sakaguchi also echoed this view that Ayase was so beautiful in this movie that it was easy for him to understand how Kenji felt towards Miyuki when acting.

In line with the movie's story, the cast was asked who they would like to see come out from the world of movies or TV. Nakao chose Denzel Washington and Ishibashi who revealed that she wanted to enter showbiz because she admired Ayase, said that she would like to see Audrey Hepburn since Ayase's image in the movie was identical to Hepburn. Sakaguchi then chose Nausicaa from the anime movie "Kaze no tani no Nausicaa" while Honda wanted to see Pikachu. As for Ayase, she rattled off a string of names including the young Matt Damon when he appeared in "Good Will Hunting", the muscular Matt Damon in the "Bourne" series, Totoro, Spiderman and Audrey Hepburn. She also revealed that she watched Hepburn's movies in order to prepare for the filming of this movie such as learning how to walk like a princess.

In line with the relationship of Kenji and Miyuki in the movie, the cast was asked if they are the type to lead or be led in a relationship. Nakao said that he has never taken the lead in a relationship so he aspires to do that but at home, he joked that he feels like he's being driven into a corner by his wife Naka Riisa. Sakaguchi then teased him for pretending that he's led around and offered his view that he can understand the feeling of wanting to lead but he's fine with the other way round by letting the woman have her way. Ayase then said that this will depend on the people and the timing and that there are times when people feel as if they have the control but are actually being led around by the other party. However, she made a mistake by saying "te no uchi de korosa..." instead of "te no uchi de korogasareteru" (making someone do your bidding) which led Nakao to point out immediately if she wanted to say "korosareteru" (being murdered by one's hand) instead and made the audience laugh.

At the end of the event, Sakaguchi expressed his hope that everyone would promote the movie which was made with great passion and detail by the cast and staff while Ayase cited how Miyuki and Kenji cannot touch each other in the movie and hoped that people would realise that the ability to touch your loved ones is not a given and to be thankful for various things in life. She also expressed her wish that everyone would be filled with gentleness and warmth after watching the movie.

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