Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Matsushige Yutaka to return in TV Tokyo Spring 2018 drama "Kodoku no Gurume Season 7"

Matsushige Yutaka will be back in the TV Tokyo Spring 2018 drama "Kodoku no Gurume Season 7" which will begin its run from 6 April in the Fridays 12.12am timeslot. The series which began 6 years ago in the Winter 2012 season, is a rare instance of TV Tokyo's late night dramas having such a long run and also a reflection of its popularity. This time, the series will return to its roots of showcasing delicious food from relatively unknown places which includes not only Japanese dishes but also other types of international cuisine. Matsushige revealed jokingly that he had suggested launching a "Kodoku no Gurume season final" to boost the ratings which had somehow reached its peak but this idea was quickly shot down by the staff. As for the appeal of the new series, he said people such as monks who are fasting or those on diets would probably find this useful but they might have to battle their numerous desires while doing so.

Source: Oricon

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