Friday, February 09, 2018

Supporting cast of new movie "Nijiiro Days" announced

The supporting cast of new movie "Nijiiro Days" starring Sano Reo, Nakagawa Taishi, Takasugi Mahiro and Yokohama Ryuusei had been announced. The movie which is based on the same-titled manga by Mizuno Minami and had an anime version in 2016, will be directed by Iizuka Ken and written by Nezu Rika. The story features the friendships and love of four senior high school boys. Hashiba Natsuki (nickname Nacchan) who is pure, energetic and well-liked, will be played by Sano while Matsunaga Tomoya (nickname Mattsun) who is a playboy popular with girls, will be played by Nakagawa. Naoe Tsuyoshi (nickname Tsuyopon) who is a nerdy scholar and does things at his own pace, will be played by Takasugi while Katakura Keiichi (nickname Kei-chan) who is always smiling to conceal his sadistic nature, will be played by Yokohama.

Yoshikawa Ai will play Kobayakawa Anna who is secretly in love with Nacchan and is a quiet and innocent girl. Yoshikawa said that she had play mostly cool characters to date so she was unsure how to play someone like Anna. However, once the filming began, she was able to ease into the role and think of herself as Anna.

Tsunematsu Yuri will play Tsutsui Mari who is a senior high school girl with a scathing tongue and hates guys but Mattsun still falls in love with her. Tsunematsu said that she read the manga before the start of the filming and liked her character a lot. She hoped that the movie will be able to show the joys of spending time with friends and the conflicting feelings of love experienced during everyone's youthful days.

Hotta Mayu will play Asai Yukiko who is Tsuyopon's girlfriend and likes cos-play. Hotta said that she was honoured to be given the chance to play Asai but was worried about how to act in such a way that the character would also be liked by her peers. Last but not least, Bando Nozomi from E-girls plays Chiba Riko who is the captain of the female volleyball team and gets along well with the guys.

The movie will be shown in cinemas from July this year.

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