Thursday, February 22, 2018

Completion screening event of new movie "Principal Koi suru watashi wa heroine desuka?"

The completion screening event of new movie "Principal Koi suru watashi wa heroine desuka?" was held at Shinjuku Wald 9 on 24 January which was attended by the director Shinohara Tetsuo and cast members Kuroshima Yuina, Kotaki Nozomu, Takasugi Mahiro  and Kawaei Rina. The movie will be shown in cinemas from 3 March.

The story which is based on the same-titled manga by Ikuemi Ryo, features Kuroshima as Sumitomo Shima, a senior high school student whose parents are divorced and is having issues with her stepfather and at the all-girls senior high school which she has just entered. As such, she decides to go to her father and move to Sapporo, Hokkaido instead. However, what awaits her at her new school are two entirely different guys Tatebayashi Gen (Kotaki) and Sakurai Wao (Takasugi) who are so popular at school that they are regarded as the "common property" of all the girls in the school. Although Shima has little interest in romance due to her problems with her parents and school, she finds herself getting closer to the two guys gradually.

As the male characters in Ikuemi's works tend to be really popular with the fans, Kotaki admitted that he was very stressed about playing Gen who is widely regarded as the most popular Ikuemi guy characters. However, he said smilingly that he was prepared to rely on Kuroshima if anything happens which led the latter to say that she was the one who relied on Kotaki when she was unsure of what she should do.

Besides the love lines in the movie, the friendship between Gen and Wao is also a highlight in the story. When asked about his impression of Takasugi, Kotaki praised his co-star for being so cute that he was willing to do anything for Takasugi. This led Kuroshima to poke fun at them by saying that Takasugi didn't seem that smitten with Kotaki and it seemed like an one-sided love. Upon hearing this, Takasugi quickly said that he was aware of how Kotaki was watching out for him during the filming. On the other hand, Kuroshima and Kawaei who play buddies in the movie, also got close during the filming and called each other by the nicknames Yuina and Ricchan so they were able to show the friendship of their characters in a natural way. Kuroshima added on that she is shy in front of strangers but felt at peace with Kawaei's presence.

Although the 4 actors seemed to be on good terms now, they admitted that they are actually the type who needs time to warm up to strangers. As such, Kotaki said that when they ate lunch together on the set, they were either busy eating or fiddling with their phones instead of talking. Gradually, they became closer and would chat and play card games together. Takasugi said that they had Kotaki to credit for this because he took the lead in breaking the ice between them.

As the entire movie was shot in Sapporo, Hokkaido during early summer and winter, Kuroshima said that she hardly had any experience filming in the snow due to her hometown being in the sunny and warm Okinawa. As such, she found Sapporo to be so cold but the scenes turned out to be extremely beautiful, be it during the winter or spring.

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