Monday, February 12, 2018

Maki Youko, Inoue Mao, Sakuraba Nanami & Ooizumi Yo to star in new movie "Yakiniku Dragon"

Maki Youko, Inoue Mao, Sakuraba Nanami and Ooizumi Yo will be starring in the new movie adaptation of the legendary stage play "Yakiniku Dragon" which was performed in 2008 and did a clean sweep of theatrical awards that year including the 42rd Kinokuniya Engeki Sho, the 16th Yomiuri Engeki Taisho's Grand Prix and Most Outstanding Work. The movie will be directed by Chong Wui Shin as his directorial debut after his successful career as a scriptwriter for many movies such as "Tsuki wa docchi ni deteiru", "Ai wo kou hito" and "Chi to Hone". The movie will be shown in cinemas from early summer 2018.

The story is set during the 70s of rapid economic development and when the World Expo was held in Japan. In a yakiniku restaurant located at a corner of a Kansai city, 6 members of a Korean-Japanese family who have no hometown to return to, are swept up in the turbulent times as they try to live on strongly. Kim Yong-gil and his wife Ko Yeong-soon own a small yakiniku restaurant named Yakiniku Dragon and live by the principle of tomorrow always being a good day despite of what happened yesterdary. The couple have three daughters namely Shizuka/Jung-hwa (Maki), Rika/Ri-hwa (Inoue) and Mika/Mi-hwa (Sakuraba). Ooizumi plays the role of Tetsuo who is a regular customer at Yakiniku Dragon secretly in love with Jung-hwa but marries Ri-hwa. Mi-hwa aspires to be a singer and is in love with a married man.

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