Friday, February 02, 2018

Cast line-up for fictitious asadora "Shimakko-san" in TV Tokyo Winter 2018 drama "Byplayers 2" announced

The cast line-up for the fictitious asadora (morning drama) "Shimakko-san" featured in the upcoming TV Tokyo Winter 2018 drama "Byplayers 2" had been announced. The new series titled "Byplayers Moshimo meiwakiyaku ga Teleto asadora de mujintou seikatsu shitara" (Byplayers What if the famous supporting actors film a TV Tokyo morning drama and live on an uninhabited island) will be shown in the Wednesdays 9.54pm timeslot from 7 February and describes how the five actors i.e. Endo Kenichi, Oosugi Ren, Taguchi Tomorowo, Matsushige Yutaka and Mitsuishi Ken are supposed to act in a fictitious TV Tokyo morning drama titled "Shimakko-san" but ends up going to the wrong filming location thus leading to them drifting to an uninhabited island. The five of them have to survive on a southern island together while their disappearances cause a huge panic in the industry due to a shortage of supporting actors. Kita Kana who plays their manager Jasmine will also appear in the sequel. In order to make "Shimakko-san" appear as a "real" asadora, an official website for it was also created.

The cast line-up for "Shimakko-san" includes 9 actors and actresses i.e. Honda Miyu who plays the heroine Hanazaki Shimako as well as Yoshida Yo, Okada Masaki, Sugata Shun, Komoto Masahiro, Morishita Yoshiyuki, Nomaguchi Tooru, Kohinata Fumiyo and Yakusho Koji who will all play themselves in the main drama. The fantasy story describes how Shimako who is the offspring of the Shima Shrine's resident priestess and lives on a far flung southern island where the shrine is located at. After meeting the guardian spirits of the land Shimakko and being moved by the warmth of the locals, Shimako later becomes a teacher to protect the island and its last remaining school. Okada will play Shimako's form teacher Okayama Taro while Komoto plays Mitsui Kenji who is the chief of the local library and the former boyfriend of Shimako's mother. Morishita plays Matsuya Shigemitsu who is the principal of Shimako's school and Nomaguchi plays Tanaka Tomoki, the chief of the local education committee. As for Yakusho, his character is unknown at the moment.

Honda said that she was shocked and burst out laughing when she got the offer for this drama especially she has to play herself and another character within the same drama. Although it will be a tough challenge, she is looking forward to the filming. Yoshida who is supposed to play Shimako's mother Reiko in the fake drama, expressed her joy about being able to act in "Byplayers" since that had been her wish for a long time and she was glad to be able to work with many of her beloved and respected seniors but worried about whether she would have too many NGs while she was having fun during the filming. Okada who also participated in the first series, said that it was such a wonderful experience to be working with the cast and staff who worked seriously and tried to inject a lot of playful humour as well so he was glad to be able to be a part of the sequel this time. Yakusho who also appeared in the last series, echoed the same and said that he was looking forward to watch the new drama as a fan.

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