Friday, February 09, 2018

Nakatani Miki & Tamaki Hiroshi to play a married couple in new TBS Spring 2018 drama "Anata niwa kaeru ie ga aru"

Nakatani Miki will be starring in the new TBS Spring 2018 drama "Anata niwa kaeru ie ga aru" (You have a home to return to) which will begin its run from April 2018 in the Fridays 10pm timeslot. The drama is based on the 1994 same-titled novel by Yamamoto Fumio which talks about the frustrations and unhappiness brewing in the daily lives of two married couples which is said to resonate with many people for its reality check on the issues in married life. In addition, the staff had also conducted interviews with more than 100 women to find out their true thoughts about their husbands, child rearing, work and juggling household chores so as to feature these elements in the drama.

Nakatani plays the lead character Sato Mayumi in her 40s who has been a housewife for the last 13 years ever since she married her husband Hideaki (Tamaki Hiroshi). Their only daughter has just passed the junior high entrance exam and Mayumi is about to return to work for the first time in more than 10 years so as to help out with the family finances and her daughter's school fees. Hideaki works as a salaryman in a real estate company and finds it stifling and stressful as Mayumi tries harder to manage the household and resume her career. Just then, he meets another married woman Nasuda Ayako (Kimura Tae) and gets into a forbidden affair with her. Ayako's husband Taro (Yusuke Santa Maria) who subjects his wife to moral harassment and is a troublemaker, works as a teacher in a junior high school and unexpectedly becomes acquainted with Mayumi and Hideaki without knowing what has happened between Hideaki and Ayako.

Nakatani commented that the story in this drama is something which can happen to anyone in real life and talks about the bond between a married couple with deep-meaning messages to the viewers. She also described her co-stars as very capable actors so she is very eager and excited about the upcoming filming and what kind of sparks would come out from their collaboration. Tamaki commented that although Nakatani hardly has the image of a housewife based on her roles to date, he is expectant about them playing an ordinary couple this time with some bits which are bound to tickle the audience despite the serious underlying theme. As he had acted as lovers with Kimura before and worked with Yusuke in a variety show too, he is also happy about getting to work with them this time.

Sources: Sanspo 1 / Sanspo 2 / Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon


astromantic said...

FINALLY, Tamaki Hiroshi in a proper drama again!

junny said...

Happy to see Tamaki in a new drama! But two cheating husband roles in a row? LOL. Not too keen on his co-stars, but will watch nevertheless.