Friday, February 02, 2018

First-day-screening event of new movie "Miseinen dakedo kodomo janai"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Miseinen dakedo kodomo janai" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 23 December which was attended by the director Hanabusa Tsutomu and cast members Nakajima Kento and Taira Yuna. The film which is based on the same-titled manga by Minami Kanan, features Taira in the role of Oriyama Karin who is an innocent girl from a rich family and in the first year of senior high school. On her 16th birthday, the birthday present given by her parents is a marriage partner Tsurugi Nao (Nakajima), a third-year student in the same school who also happens to be her first love and the most popular guy in school. However, Nao's motive to proceed with the marriage is for the Oriyama family's fortune thus Karin is stuck in a one-sided-love marriage. Just then, Ebina Izuzu (Chinen Yuri), a first-year student who is a rich guy and in love with Karin, comes to know about her secret marriage to Nao and presses the latter to divorce Karin. Yamamoto Maika plays the role of Matsui Saya who is Tsurugi's ex-girlfriend and will become Karin's strongest rival in love.

Both Nakajima and Taira expressed their joy about the movie finally being released as she related how nervous she was about the event. In response, Nakajima deliberately called Taira by her elder sister Airi's name to tease her which made the latter "protest". Nakajima described Taira as the sun who can brighten up wherever she goes while the director praised Nakajima for being a nice guy who stayed around on set even after finishing his filming and even brought snacks for the cast and staff on his off days. As for Taira, the director said that she's nice to be with but joked that it was tiring to spend too much time with her because of her hyper character.

The audience were also shown photos of the cast when they were younger. Nakajima's photo taken when he was in lower primary and crossing his legs made the audience squeal with delight as Taira praised him for looking like a god even when he was that young. As for their past Christmas wishes, Taira revealed how she wanted a pair of cute boots and ended up being shocked to receive something else while Nakajima said that he wrote down his wish at 10pm on Christmas Eve for Shuuji to Akira's "Seishun Amigo" CD before and joked that Santa must have been nervous over where to find such a thing at the last minute.

During the event, Nakajima and Taira poured cider onto the champagne tower to commemorate the launch of the movie. Chinen who was absent from the event, sent a message to express his regret over not being able to attend the event and said that he wanted a photo of the champagne tower. He also revealed that he will be at the Nagoya greeting event due to take place on the following day.

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