Sunday, February 18, 2018

Takenouchi Yutaka to star in new TV Tokyo drama SP "Midnight Journal Kieta yuukaihan wo oe! Nananenme no shinjitsu"

Takenouchi Yutaka will be starring in the new TV Tokyo drama SP "Midnight Journal Kieta yuukaihan wo oe! Nananenme no shinjitsu" (Midnight Journal Chase the missing kidnapper! The truth in the 7th year) which will be shown in spring this year. This will be Takenouchi's first leading role in a TV Tokyo drama, his first attempt at playing a news reporter and achieving a complete sweep of leading appearances in dramas from the 5 main private TV stations in Tokyo including FujiTV, NTV, TBS and TV Asahi. The drama will be directed by Sasabe Kiyoshi and the story written by Habara Daisuke, is based on the novel by Honjou Masato who won the 38th Yoshikawa Eiji Literature Newcomer Award and describes the behind-the-scenes happenings in a news company.
Takenouchi plays the lead character Sekiguchi Goutaro who is a news reporter transferred from the HQ to the Saitama branch of a news company due to a misreporting incident involving a sensational serial kidnapping-murder case. 7 years later, another kidnapping-murder case of a young girl happens which leads Sekiguchi to suspect if the two cases are related. With the help of his former colleague Fujise Yuri who is from the HQ, Sekiguchi tries to re-investigate the case from 7 years ago.

When asked about his impression of TV Tokyo, Takenouchi said that he always thought that the TV station created many ingenious and thought-provoking dramas to date and that he was honoured to be able to take part in this drama. The original novel's author Honjou said that he had devoted a lot of thought and effort into the book which he had been preparing when he was still a reporter. As such, he was very happy and excited about such a star-studded cast and strong staff line-up who worked on this drama.

Sources: / Natalie / Oricon

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