Sunday, February 18, 2018

First-day-screening event of new movie "Uso wo aisuru onna"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Uso wo aisuru onna" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 20 January which was attended by the director Nakae Kazuhito and cast members Nagasawa Masami, Takahashi Issei, DAIGO, Kawaei Rina and Yoshida Kotaro. In this love story with a tinge of mystery, Nagasawa plays Kawahara Yukari, a career woman working at a major beverage manufacturer who has been living with her medical intern boyfriend Koide Kippei (Takahashi) for the past 5 years and has plans to marry him soon. One day, Kippei collapses due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage and slips into a coma. To Yukari's surprise, when the police comes knocking on her door, she finds out that everything she has known about Kippei is a pack of lies lie as his name, occupation, driving licence and family register are all fake. While trying to find out what kind of man she has loved, she heads to his supposed hometown on an island in the Setouchi Inland sea where she gets help from a private detective Kaibara Takumi played by Yoshida Kotaro to investigate the truth. DAIGO plays Kimura (nickname Kimu) an unsociable hacker who is the subordinate of Kaibara and assists in the investigation on Kippei. As for Kawaei, she plays Kokoha who is an university student dressed in Gothic and Lolita fashion and follows Kippei around like a stalker.

In line with the movie's title, the cast members were asked to reveal what they love. Kawaei said that she loves eating ice cream especially in winter and can sometimes eat that in place of a normal meal. Yoshida talked about his pet dog Aruma, a Portuguese water dog, which has been with him since October last year and that he used to prefer cats to dogs. He later realised that his apartment block's rules dictate that dogs above 40cm long are not allowed to be kept so he even had to move house for the sake of Aruma. As for DAIGO, he wrote the letters OS which represented "okusan" i.e. his wife Kitagawa Keiko who he said that the two of them both cried while watching this movie. Takahashi then said that he loves doing promotional activities and came to realise how important this is to a movie by their movie's PR producer Toyozawa Yasuhiro. Besides, he got to eat a lot of delicious food and had fun during the promotional run nationwide so he enjoyed the experience very much. Last but not least, Nagasawa said that she loves to take long baths and has the unusual habit of not wiping off her sweat and see how long she can go without doing so which gives her a lot of gratification.

Nagasawa and Takahashi also reflected on their collaboration where he said that it was a honour to be beside her while she said that he was like a reliable elder brother during the filming and promotional run. Nagasawa also talked about how Takahashi was rather happy about having his moustache shaved by Kawaei in a scene within this movie which led him to explain this was because that he had never experienced having this done by a woman. On the other hand, Kawaei talked about the scene where she was slapped by Nagasawa and said that although it was painful, it was a rare experience so she was happy about it after all.

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