Sunday, February 11, 2018

Completion screening event of new movie "Midnight Bus"

The completion screening event of new movie "Midnight Bus" was held at Nissho Hall on 18 January which was attended by the director Takeshita Masao and cast members Harada Taizo, Yamamoto Mirai and Nanase Kou. The movie which is based on the same-titled novel by Ibuki Yuki, describes the story of Takamiya Toshikazu (Harada) who quit his job in Tokyo and goes back to his hometown in Niigata to be a midnight bus driver. One night, he happens to bump into his ex-wife Kaga Miyuki (Yamamoto) who he had parted ways with 16 years ago when she boards his bus. This marks the start of a journey to restore family ties which had been broken and his interaction with the passengers he meets during his work. Konishi Manami plays Furui Shiho who is Toshikazu's current girlfriend while Aoi Wakana and Nanase play his daughter Ayana and son Reiji respectively. Nagatsuka Kyozo will be playing Miyuki's father Yamabe Keizo.

When Harada got the offer for this movie, he was asked by the director to get a driving licence for large-sized vehicles since he had to play a bus driver. As such, Harada went to a driving school for 3 months and recounted that his teacher suggested that it was a good idea for him to get the licence and that he will have something to fall back on in case he loses his job in future.

When asked about their impression of Nanase who plays their son in the movie, Harada praised Nanase for his smooth complexion and good looks while Yamamoto said that he has a nice character too. Harada revealed that they chatted a lot during their filming breaks and he felt an added sense of affinity to Nanase probably because he is of the same age as Harada's own son. When the MC asked Harada if his son also looked good like Nanase, Harada smiled and said that his son is not that tall.

The movie will be released first in Niigata from 20 January and one week later nationwide.


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