Sunday, February 25, 2018

Iwata Takanori & Toda Erika to star in new NTV Spring 2018 drama "Gakebuchi Hotel"

Iwata Takanori will be starring in his first leading role in a drama series when he appears in the upcoming NTV Spring 2018 drama "Gakebuchi Hotel" (The hotel on the edge) which will be shown on Sundays at 10.30pm from April 2018. Toda Erika will play the heroine which marks her first appearance in a NTV drama in 12 years and this will be their first collaboration. The situation comedy is set at a hotel in the suburbs with a debt of JPY 300m and is on the verge of bankruptcy despite having seen better days in the past as a high class hotel. Ukai Naoya (Iwata), a guy with a rough appearance and hardly looks like a typical hotel guest, shows up unannounced at the hotel and starts making unthinkable demands on the staff who are not motivated and poor at their work which then leads to various unexpected miracles happening as a result. Toda plays the 29-year-old general manager Sakurai Sana who is serious and straightforward but somewhat clumsy as she tries to save the hotel from ruin. The entire drama will features locations within the hotel only i.e. the rooms, lobby, playroom and restaurant etc.
Iwata commented that he is excited about his first leading role in a drama series which has also been a goal of his so he views this drama as a personal challenge to him. He hoped that the viewers will be able to enjoy this refreshing drama and start the week on the following Monday with renewed energy so he pledged to work hard with his co-stars and the staff to achieve this. As for Toda, she said that it might be difficult to be convincing as such a young general manager of a hotel. However, despite Sana's lack of a commanding presence as the general manager, Toda felt that this unbalance would be more interesting and hoped that they will be able to create a wonderful "hotel" in this drama.

Sources: / Natalie / Oricon

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