Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Amami Yuki & Sawamura Ikki to star in two new TV Asahi drama SPs based on Agatha Christie's novels

Amami Yuki and Sawamura Ikki will be starring in two new TV Asahi drama SPs based on Agatha Christie's novels which will be shown in March. The first SP titled "Paddington hatsu 4 ji 50 pun ~ Shindai Tokkyuu Satsujin Jiken ~" (4.50 from Paddington Station ~ The murder case on the express train with sleeping quarters) is based on the 1957 novel "4.50 from Paddington" and features Amami as the lead character Amano Touko who used to be a capable police detective and is now a crisis management professional. This character is modelled after Miss Marple in the original novel so Amami will be the Japanese version of Miss Marple who solves a murder case on a moving train where the corpse disappears. Amami who is acting in a Christie adaptation for the first time, commented that Christie's story was very interesting and has been loved by people worldwide across the ages. The focus of the story is on the subtleties of the human heart and describes the feelings of men and women so she is confident that the drama will be very interesting to the viewers especially with its charismatic characters.

On the other hand, Sawamura will be starring in the SP titled "Daijoyuu Satsujin Jiken ~ Kagami wa yoko ni hibi warete ~" (The murder case of the bigtime actress ~ The mirror cracks horizontally ~) which features him as a police detective Shoukokuji Ryuuya from the first section of Metropolitan Police Department. He is tasked to investigate the murder case of a woman which takes place at a grand party held by a bigtime actress but faces the hurdle of finding the true culprit among the large pool of suspects.

Source: Oricon

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