Sunday, February 04, 2018

Koura Kengo & Kurashina Kana to star in new drama SP "Tomo ni susumu Kumamoto"

Koura Kengo and Kurashina Kana will be starring in the new drama SP "Tomo ni susumu Kumamoto" (Moving ahead, Kumamoto) which is the second project aimed to help in restoration and revitalisation efforts for Kumamoto Prefecture which was hit with a major earthquake in 2016. As such, actors and actresses from the prefecture including Koura, Kurashina, Nakahara Takeo and Matsuoka Misa will be appearing in this drama along with extras played by the locals. WANIMA whose members are also from Kumamoto, will be singing the theme song "Tomo ni" which happened to be recorded just the day before the earthquake. The drama is an original story based on interviews with those affected by the earthquake and depicts how they continue to live on positively without being pessimistic about their future despite the effects of the earthquake.

Source: Oricon

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