Saturday, November 05, 2016

Supporting cast lineup of FujiTV Winter 2017 drama "Uso no Sensou" announced

The supporting cast lineup of FujiTV / Kansai TV Winter 2017 drama "Uso no Sensou" starring Kusanagi Tsuyoshi was announced on 2 November. In the drama which is due to begin its run from January in the Tuesdays 9pm timeslot, Kusanagi plays the lead character Ichinose Koichi who becomes a fraudster in order to take revenge against the person who killed his family when he was young. Ichinose's fraudster buddy Tokura Haruka will be played by Mizuhara Kiko while his rival Nishina Takashi who is the president of a company will be played by Fujiki Naohito. Takashi's younger sister Kaede who is a doctor will be played by Yamamoto Mizuki and there will be a love triangle between Koichi, Haruka and Kaede. Takashi's good-for-nothing elder brother Akira will be played by Yasuda and Sexy Zone's Kikuchi Fuma will play Yahiro Kazuki who is a fraudster apprentice working with Koichi. Magii will play the role of Momota Yuji who taught Koichi about being a fraudster and is the owner of a bar where the fraudsters gather. Last but not least, Oosugi Ren will play Sanbei Mamoru who is a friend of Koichi's late father and operates an orphanage.

Kusanagi who is working with Mizuhara and Yamamoto for the first time, commented that they are both beautiful and young actresses so it's a refreshing experience for him to be "sandwiched" between them. As for Yamamoto who is playing the daughter of a rich family and a doctor, she admitted that she is feeling the pressure but she hopes to convey the innocent feelings of trust in others although the story is a revenge tale. For Mizuhara, she thinks that the moment when Haruka discovers her feelings for Koichi will be worth looking out for and she hopes to play a character who will enjoy the support of the viewers.

Kusanagi and Fujiki last worked together in the 2013 FujiTV drama SP "Taikouki ~ Saru to yobareta otoko ~" where Kusanagi played Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Fujiki played Oda Nobunaga. At that time, Kusanagi commented that it was a good experience to act with Fujiki since there was a lot of interaction between their characters. This time, they are playing enemies so he is eager to see new sparks between them. As for Fujiki, he revealed that he didn't really get to interact with Kusanagi off screen back then so he hopes to communicate well with the latter this time to produce a good drama.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon


junny said...

Oh man, speaking of Taikoki, I remember there was a Bistro SMAP episode after that which showed Kusanagi trying to impress Fujiki with a dish and their interaction was adorable and hilarious. Taikoki was a decent watch.

Mehhh on Fujiki playing the antagonist again, but hope for his sake the drama and role will be good.

Chiaki said...

I haven't watched the drama SP nor the Bistro SMAP episode you mentioned before though. What concerns me more is how similar the story and character setting are to "Zeni no Sensou" so I am worried if it might turn out to be a duplicate.

Cattleya_88 said...

Oh I remembered that Bistro segment, it was in 2004 summer where Fujiki was a guest to promote his getsu9 drama Itoshii Kimi e. That episode was quite funny, especially when it was mentioned that the first time Fujiki met Kimura was in Love Generation set, it was a minor role and Kimura cannot recalled anything. I downloaded Taikoki after this Bistro episode.

junny said...

And here's the Bistro SMAP episode I mentioned:

It's still funny even after so many years. When I watched Love Generation, I paid special attention to Fujiki's cameo in that drama, hehe.

I only watched bits of Zeni no Sensou, but I hope the new drama won't tread old ground (too much).