Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tabe Mikako & Takahashi Issei to star in FujiTV Christmas drama SP "Watashi ni unmei no koi nante arienaitte omotteta"

Tabe Mikako and Takahashi Issei will be starring in the upcoming FujiTV / Kansai TV Christmas drama SP "Watashi ni unmei no koi nante arienaitte omotteta" (I didn't think that it would be possible to have the love of my life) which will be shown at 9pm on 20 December. This is the first time in 18 months that Tabe is taking on the leading role in a drama since last year's "Do S Deka" and her first direct collaboration with Takahashi in this love story written by Oshima Satomi and directed by Hatano Takafumi.

Tabe plays the role of Shirono Riko who is a romance simulation game programmer. However, she does not pin any hopes on a real-life romance and would rather spend her time planning the ideal romance through the love scenarios in the games to fulfill her fantasies. One day, she is asked by Kurokawa Soichiro (Takahashi), the president of a mobile app company who approaches to design a new game. Despite being perfect in terms of looks and career, Kurokawa does not understand women and even insults Riko during the project meeting which leads to them becoming enemies. Just then, Kurokawa who is troubled over his secret love for his subordinate Momose, asks Riko for help and teach him about romance which she agrees to on the spur of the moment. While moulding him into the perfect guy in her romance simulation games and bringing Kurokawa and Momose together, Riko discovers that she has already fallen for Kurokawa.

Tabe commented that her character is looking for things in men which are hardly found in reality so Riko is not actually resistant to the idea of romance but rather thinks of love and her life as separate things which don't mix well. However, Riko is actually someone who craves for pure love so she hopes to be able to convey her feelings in this drama. Takahashi revealed that he had worked with Tabe before in the past although their characters did not have any direct interaction. As such, he always thought of her as a cool beauty but found out that she is actually a cute and feminine person. He also called upon the viewers to watch the drama SP to see the cheerful side of Riko and the silly side of Kurokawa as they fumble their way on the path of love which will be enjoyable to watch during Christmas.

Sources: Sanspo / Oricon

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