Saturday, November 19, 2016

Takimoto Miori, Kawaguchi Haruna & Kurashina Kana participate in cross collaboration project for FujiTV Autumn 2016 dramas

FujiTV will be having a collaboration project for its Autumn 2016 dramas i.e. "Cain to Abel", "Chef ~ Mitsuboshi no Kyuushoku ~" and "Career ~ Okiteyaburi no Keisatsu Shochou" where Kurashina Kana, Kawaguchi Haruna and Takimoto Miori will be appearing in the dramas other than the ones which are currently appearing in.

Takimoto who plays the police detective Aikawa Misato, will start the relay by appearing in the 6th episode of "Chef ~ Mitsuboshi no Kyuushoku ~" shown on 17 November as a customer who eats with her friend at the French food stall operated by Hoshino Mitsuko (Amami Yuki). Takimoto who acted with Amami for the first time, praised the latter for being very considerate and tried to make her feel comfortable so she hopes to be able to work with Amami again.

Kawaguchi who plays Takayama Haruko in "Chef" will appear in the 6th episode of "Cain to Abel" on 21 November where she will deliver soup to the office where Takada Yu (Yamada Yosuke) works at when he orders takeaway for his project team members while working overtime. Kawaguchi commented that she felt nervous about appearing on the set of another drama and worried about how the scene would turn out. However, the filming went by faster than she thought and she enjoyed the experience because there were many staff members who she had worked together with before.

Last but not least, Kurashina who plays Yahagi Azusa in "Cain to Abel", will be appearing in the 8th episode of "Career" on 27 November where she helps a pair of twins who lose their way and meets Toyama Kinshiro (Tamaki Hiroshi) who happens to pass by. Kurashina and Tamaki last worked together in the 2015 FujiTV drama "Zannen na Otto" where they played a married couple and the child actors who play the twins also appeared in this drama as their children. During the filming, thw twins suddenly cried so both Kurashina and Tamaki had to attend to them. Kurashina remarked that it was a fresh and interesting experience and to be able to reunite with her "family".

In recent years, the last cross collaboration among FujiTV dramas was between 2014's "Gokuaku Ganbo" and "Zoku Saigo kara nibanme no koi" where Ono Machiko and Koizumi Kyoko appeared in each other's others. As such, this will be the first time when such collaborations involve three dramas. Each of the dramas' Twitter pages and homepages will have quizes where viewers can win signed original goods from the dramas.

Sources: Sanspo / Sponichi

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junny said...

I like the idea of a mini reunion for Kurashina and Tamaki, they were quite cute together in Zannen na Otto. Still hoping for one between him and Ueno Juri though.