Friday, November 11, 2016

Miura Tomokazu to star in new TV Asahi Winter 2017 drama "Shuukatsu Kazoku ~ Kitto, umaku iku ~"

Miura Tomokazu will be starring in the new TV Asahi Winter 2017 drama "Shuukatsu Kazoku ~ Kitto, umaku iku ~" (A family on the search for jobs ~ It will surely go well ~) which will be shown from January 2017 in the Thursdays 9pm timeslot. This is the first time that Miura is starring in a TV Asahi drama and his first leading role in a drama in 17 years.

The story features Tomikawa Yosuke (Miura) who is the HR director of a big company, leads an ordinary life with his wife Mizuki (Kuroki Hitomi) who is a Japanese language teacher at a private junior high school, his elder daughter Shiori who works at a jewellery manufacturer and Hikaru who is about to graduate from university. However, things start to spiral out of control when Yosuke is retrenched by his company, Shiori quits due to sexual harrassment issues at her workplace and Hikaru cannot find a permanent job yet. This causes the family to be looking for employment at the same time which makes them rethink the meaning of work and what kind of future they want for themselves.

Miura who usually plays serious and stern characters in dramas, commented that viewers will probably have a different impression of his character this time so he hopes to deviate from their usual impression of him in a good way. In this era where lifetime employment is no longer a given, the theme may be serious for the viewers who can identify with the struggles of Yosuke but Miura hopes that they will enjoy the humour that's presented in the story. As for Kuroki, she had played a married couple with Miura as voice actors in the Japanese version of the 2004 movie "Mr. Incredible" so she thinks that they will be able to manage just find in the drama.

Maeda commented that she can identify with Shiori's internal struggle of pretending in front of her family that her work is going fine even though she may have problems so she hopes to be able to show the conflicting feelings Shiori experiences through her acting. As for Kudo, he revealed that he is the eldest son among 5 siblings so he has always wanted to have an elder brother or sister. To his surprise, he found out that Maeda who plays his elder sister, is actually the same age as him. Kudo commented that through this drama, he hopes that the viewers can realise and think about the importance of human relationships and family ties.

Sources: Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon

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