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Odagiri Jo in Taiwan for the premiere of movie "Zoku Shinya Shokudou"

The premiere of movie "Zoku Shinya Shokudou" was held at Taipei, Taiwan, on 28 November which was attended by the director Matsuoka Joji and actor Odagiri Jo. The movie is due to be screened in Taiwan from 30 December.

More than 100 fans and members of the press gathered at the airport to welcome Matsuoka and Odagiri and the two also met with more than 100 reporters from more than 50 media companies for interviews. Here is the Q & A of Matsuoka and Odagiri during the interview:

Q: Odagiri-san, you had been to Taiwan 7 years ago?
Odagiri: It was quite a tight schedule 7 years ago so I only remembered eating and drinking here. However, I felt refreshed this time due to various things, had delicious food, enjoyed the nice view from my hotel room so I have enjoyed Taiwan a lot and grew to like here.

Q: Director, when was the first time you came to Taiwan and how did you feel about here?
Matsuoka: I came for the first time in 1991 so that's already 25 years ago. No matter when I came here, I always had the same feeling that this place is so suitable for me. Although I don't have time to go this time, I visited Jiufen and the hot springs before. The streets, food and atmosphere are all to my liking.

Q: Every time, various guests and actors appear in "Shinya Shokudou" so if there is going to be a sequel, is there any particular actor who you would like to see in the cast?
Matsuoka: If I have to choose a Taiwanese actor, that would be Chang Chen. When I watched the movie "A Brighter Summer Day", I was very impressed by his acting.

Q: If there is a sequel of "Shinya Shokudou", which actor would you like to work with?
Odagiri: Erm...if you are talking about now, then Park Geun-hye would be good (laughs). Since she's very much talked-about now, I think it might be interesting.

Q: Is there any dish which you think is delicious during your current trip? Have you tried the betel nuts?
Matsuoka: I tried the betel nuts when I first came to Taiwan. I actually thought that Taiwanese were prone to fighting as I saw a lot of red liquid on the roads but later realised that this was the saliva spat out after eating betel nuts. After trying it, I found that it boosted my blood circulation when I was tired.
Odagiri: Last night, I saw the news about me having ate the betel nuts before 7 years ago but since then, I have not tried it again.

Q: What dish would you use to describe each other?
Odagiri: I would probably be a light dish?
Matsuoka: Yeah, maybe a soup. Although it has a simple taste, it also has a deep stock base.
Odagiri: The director is probably a fish dish...
Matsuoka: Didn't we eat that just yesterday!

Q: What is the selling point of this movie?
Odagiri: I think that this is a movie which shows you daily life that can happen anywhere and is a heartwarming story. Although this is set in Japan, it is something that can also possibly happen in Taiwan. Through food, everyone has different thoughts and memories about them which I'm sure everyone can identify with. Please support this movie which will make you feel good.
Matsuoka: Be it in Japan or Taiwan, life rarely goes smoothly for everyone. As such, through the characters in this movie, the film is also a warm encouragement to them and everyone watching it. This time, the movie will probably make you hungrier than before and I hope that you will enjoy watching it.

After the movie's screening, the viewers asked Matsuoka and Odagiri questions about various topics such as the restaurant operated by Master named Meshiya.

Q: If you are at Meshiya, what would you ask for?
Odagiri: Since I've stopped eating beef and pork now, I would like to ask Master to make a hamburger from chicken and fish which is full of flavours.

Q: What is the difference between acting in the drama and movie versions?
Odagiri: The style of acting differs for dramas and movies but in "Shinya Shokudou", since the way of filming is like that of a movie, I did not have to change the way I acted.

Q: What kind of difficulties did you encounter when making this movie?
Matsuoka: As this is a sequel, there is a fair bit of pressure but we made it in the end.

During the final phototaking session, Matsuoka and Odagiri posed with the 500 viewers in the background.

Source: Nikkansports

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