Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Last Cop" & "Rental Kyuuseishu" collaborate for cross appearances in next week's episodes

NTV Autumn 2016 dramas "Last Cop" and "Rental Kyuuseishu" will be collaborating for cross appearances in the episodes showing next week. In the 7th episode of "Last Cop" to be shown on 19th November, Sawamura Ikki will appear as his character Akabe and do something. This leads Kyogoku (Karasawa Toshiaki), Mochizuki (Kubota) and Wakayama (Takeuchi Ryoma) to visit a maid cafe in Akihabara as shown in the 7th episode of "Rental Kyuuseishu" where they will meet Akabe and Haishi (Fukuhara Haruka). 50 staff members from both dramas participated in the cross-filming.

The idea for this collaboration came up with Karasawa and Sawamura visited Hayashi Fumiko, the mayor of Yokohama City in early October where their dramas are filmed. The actors who had been friends for a long time discussed this idea during the meeting which led to the collaboration materialising in the end. Although the actual filming done was not in Yokohama, Karasawa enjoyed his first visit to a maid cafe which led Sawamura to joke that Karasawa might start frequenting such places in future.

Source: Oricon

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