Saturday, November 12, 2016

Arashi's Aiba Masaki & Arimura Kasumi to be the hosts for 2016's NHK Kouhaku Utagassen

NHK announced on 12 November that Arashi's Aiba Masaki and Arimura Kasumi will be the hosts for the white and red groups in this year's NHK Kouhaku Utagassen to be shown on New Year's Eve. Aiba had been the host along with his group mates for five consecutive years up to 2014 but this will be his first solo attempt at hosting the Kouhaku. Likewise for Arimura, this is the first time she will be the host in the Kouhaku and she is due to appear in the next morning drama "Hiyokko" from 3 April.

Aiba commented that he was troubled at first whether to accept the offer but when he thought of the fact that he might never get such a chance again in future, he decided to be the host as a challenge to himself rather than regret it every year in future. He pledged to work hard during the broadcast and asked for everyone's support. As for Arimura, she mentioned that when she first heard about the offer, she thought that this was something which would never come her way again in future. Although it is still taking her some time for the reality to sink in and that she's worried about that she can't handle such a huge responsibility, she will express her gratitude for giving her this chance by trying her best and enjoying the experience.

As for why they were chosen as the hosts, the director of NHK's entertainment programmes department Inoue Keisuke said that Aiba had shown his leadership skills and built up his knowledge of sports and hosting ever since he started hosting NHK's programme "Gutto! Sports" from April this year. As for Arimura, he said that she was selected for her fresh appeal as she has never hosted any programme before.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo 1 / Sanspo 2


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Aiba will be the host for Kohaku white team but totally can understand why he's chosen, the recent 2 year it's obvious that Aiba's favorability level has increased shown by his CM amount ranking and new TV show while his show at TV Asahi Aiba Manabu also has a high viewership rating. While Arimura still predictable outcome because it's only between the lead actress from Asadora or Taiga so the probability were Haru, Takahata Mitsuki, Shibasaki Kou, and Arimura, because Yoshine Kyoko is still considered new face. Anyway hoping this year Kohaku will be smooth and fresh, still hope Tamori & Kuroyanagi Tetsuko or Udo Yumiko will be the general hosts. And looks like last year they will announce the list of performers at the end of this month, hoping there will be many new faces with great performance, I expect RADWIMPS and BABYMETAL or Utada Hikaru if she want it, PIKOTARO and Kiritani Kenta also really possible, but I really wish NO Radio Fish, that perfect human song really similar with Gangnam Style and their performance kinda irritating.

Chiaki said...

There are several rumours going around as to why Aiba was chosen this year instead of letting Inohara Yoshihiko continue. One theory has it that NHK did want Arashi to be the hosts again but since they had already done it 5 years in a row and there was only one gap year which Inohara took on, it didn't feel right to reinstate Arashi as the hosts again so quickly. As such, the most logical choice among the Arashi members was Aiba who has a programme on NHK. Another theory is that NHK wanted to save Inohara for the year 2020 when the Tokyo Olympics will be held so they needed a change this year.

I am not that enthusiastic about Arimura being the host especially after seeing some of her interview clips and appearances on variety shows. She's way too quiet and to be honest, bland so I wonder how she can be a host for the Kouhaku. We'll see on New Year's Eve how she performs.

Radio Fish seems intent on making it to Kouhaku based on some articles I've read but that ultimately has to boil down to how NHK thinks. Pikotaro, Kiritani Kenta and RADWIMPS look like shoo-ins for this year's lineup while Utada probably won't care to appear on Kouhaku.