Friday, November 11, 2016

Supporting cast lineup of new movie "Sakurada Reset" announced

The supporting cast lineup of new movie "Sakurada Reset" starring Nomura Shuhei and Kuroshima Yuina was announced on 10 November. The film which is based on the debut novel of Kouno Yutaka, is a 2-part movie directed by Fukagawa Yoshihiro which is set in a town named Sakurada where half of its residents have some form of a special power. Nomura plays the role of Asai Kei who has the ability to maintain memories while Kuroshima plays Harusaki Misora who can turn the world's time back by a maximum of three days. Kei and Misora combine forces to turn the world's time back in Part 1 to save their classmate from dying due to their previous reset action while Part 2 describes how they try to stop a plan about Sakurada's future. The movies will be shown from spring 2017.

Kaga Mariko will play a woman known as Majo (evil woman) who has the ability to see the future. With regard to her character, Kaga thinks that this power will make life boring and she finds it difficult to play this person because she can't imagine how it will be like to have such a power. As for Oikawa Mitsuhiro, he will play Uraji Masamune, the director of the management agency who knows who in Sakurada has what powers and is an important character in Part 2. Oikawa revealed that his character will be caught in a battle of wits with Asai Kei and is a crazy and unpredictable person so he had a lot of fun during the filming.

Yoshizawa Hisashi will play the advisor of the volunteer service club which Kei and Misora belong to while Maruyama Tomomi willl be an employee of the management agency and has the power to fasten locks. Nakajima Arisa will play an employee of the agency who has the ability to tell if someone is telling a lie while Oishi Goro will play someone who has the ability to enter the world of photos. Yagi Akiko will play Kei's mother, Okamoto Rei will play someone who has the ability to change objects while Iwai Kenshiro's character will have the power to copy other people's powers. Yano Yuka will be Kei and Misora's classmate while Okunaka Makoto will play the younger version of Majo.


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