Friday, November 18, 2016

FujiTV to show reruns of past SMAP dramas and movies before the end of 2016

To commemorate SMAP's 25th anniversary since their CD debut, FujiTV will be showing reruns of past dramas and movies featuring the SMAP members between 19 November and 28 December. The feature titled "SMAP Graffitti" will show the following dramas series, SPs and movie. Numbers in brackets indicate the year when the drama/SP/movie was first shown:

HERO (2014)
Starring Kimura Takuya
Broadcast dates: 23rd to 25th November, 28th November to 2nd December and 5th to 9th December
Timing: 3.50pm to 4.50pm

Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi (2004)
Starring Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
Broadcast dates: 12th to 16th December, 20th to 22nd December and 26th to 28th December
Timing: 3.50pm to 4.50pm (28th December's timing is 3.55pm to 5.45pm)

Issenchouen no Mishirokin (2015)
Starring Katori Shingo
Broadcast date: 19 November
Timing: 3.05pm to 5pm

Shin Naniwa Kinyudo (2015)
Starring Nakai Masahiro
Broadcast: 26 November
Timing: 3.05pm to 5pm

Kindaichi Kousuke Yatsuhakamura (2004)
Starring Inagaki Goro
Broadcast: 3 December
Timing: 3pm to 5pm

Boku ga boku de aru tame ni (1997)
Starring SMAP
Broadcast: 10 December
Timing: 3.05pm to 5pm
Furuhata Ninzaburo vs SMAP (1999)
Starring SMAP
Broadcast: 17 December
Timing: 2.05pm to 5pm

Yo ni mo kimyou na monogatari SMAP no Tokubetsuhen (2001)
Starring SMAP
Broadcast: 24 December
Timing: 3pm to 5.30pm

Gekijouban HERO (2015)
Starring Kimura Takuya
Broadcast: 10 December
Timing: 9pm to 11.20pm

Source: Oricon

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