Friday, November 11, 2016

Yamazaki Shigenori & Yoshii Rei announce their marriage

Yamazaki Shigenori and Yoshii Rei announced their marriage on 11 November via their respective blogs. In Yoshii's statement, she addressed it to everyone who has supported her and revealed that she met Yamazaki through work some time ago. They met again last year through mutual friends and started dating since then. She described her husband as a gentle and humourous person who accepted her even though she is one who overthinks things and managed to change her into someone who is positive and be who she is. Yoshii commented that she didn't think that it would be easy for her to get married but it became a natural thing to happen after meeting Yamazaki. From now on, they will continue to strive hard in their work and private lives and hope to build a happy family with lots of laughter. She ended the statement by asking everyone for their continued support.

As for Yamazaki who also posted on his blog at the same time, he mentioned that they got married after dating for a year. He described his wife as someone who can juggle work and family and supports him wholeheartedly although he is rather sloppy. He also mentioned how he was always healed by her smiling face.Yamazaki wondered if it was fine for him to get married and be happy even though he is quite lacking but promised to work hard as usual in his career. He ended the statement by asking everyone for their continued support.

Yoshii made her debut at the age of 14 in 1996 as an idol but had to suspend her career in 2000 because she was diagnosed with leukaemia. After going through treatment for two years, she returned to work in 2002. Yamazaki made his debut in 1995 through the stage play "Kinkyuu Bijin) and has been seen in many dramas, movies and stage plays such as "Densha Otoko", "Last Friends", "Shinsengumi!!", "Miyuki" and "Tokyo Friends".

Source: Oricon

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