Saturday, November 19, 2016

Suda Masaki to star in new movie "Teiichi no Kuni" as a senior high student

Suda Masaki will be starring in the new movie "Teiichi no Kuni" (Teiichi's country) which will be shown in cinemas from 29 April 2017. Besides Suda, co-stars include Nomura Shuhei, Takeuchi Ryoma, Mamiya Shotaro, Shison Jun, Chiba Yudai, Nagano Mei and Yoshida Kotaro.

The movie which is based on the same-titled manga by Furuya Usamaru that has been serialised in "JUMP SQ" from 2010, is set at Kaitei Senior High School which is the No.1 high school in Japan. Suda plays the role of Akaba Teiichi who dreams of becoming the Prime Minister and wants to create his own country. As such, when he enters Kaitei, he aims to become the student council chairman and takes part in an intense election in order to achieve his goal. Yoshida plays Teiichi's father Akaba Jousuke who is a government official at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry while Nagano plays Teiichi's girlfriend Shiratori Mimiko. Nomura, Takeuchi and Shison all play Year 1 students i.e. Tougou Kikuma, Ootaka Dan and Sakakibara Koumei respectively while Mamiya and Chiba play Year 2 students Himuro Roland and Morizono Okuto who are all vying for the coveted chairman position.

Suda revealed that he has been a fan of the original manga and admitted that he thought that the lead character of Teiichi seemed to be tailormade for him. Besides being happy about being able to work with fellow actors who are about the same age as him, he is also eagerly expecting beung able to participate in the many impactful scenes featured in the story. Of these, one of the signature scenes features the students participating in the school festival and playing the taiko drums while wearing loin cloths. Suda commented that it will be the first time that he has worn a loin cloth and he even plans to shave his entire body before the filming of this scene.

Filming will be from mid December to early February 2017.

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